Westminster’s traditional liberal arts and sciences program provides students with a curriculum that stretches and inspires them to be lifelong learners.  The robust curriculum includes a full slate of 23 Advanced Placement offerings, honors courses and myriad electives and independent study opportunities. Westminster students strive for excellence within a culture that encourages involvement in a wide range of topics and activities, dynamic, layered relationships with faculty members, and the drive to embody the academic “grit and grace” that defines Westminster.
Dedicated and Accomplished Faculty
Westminster’s faculty members possess impressive diplomas, mastery of their subject matter, and years of experience. More importantly, however, faculty dedicate themselves to teaching, mentoring and engaging with our students. We are able to challenge and stretch our students, because a dedicated, skilled and caring faculty supports, guides and works closely with the young people in their classrooms. 
Small classes and abundant opportunities for extra help ensure close personal attention to each student. Further, because nearly 85% of the faculty lives on campus, students and teachers come together in countless settings – the dining hall, the practice rooms of Werner Centennial Center, the locker rooms and on the fields and courts, faculty apartments and common rooms. Inevitably, students and faculty members quickly become a major presence in each other’s lives. This familiarity is tantamount to creating the close-knit community that remains at the heart of Westminster’s mission and it enables students to see their teachers as approachable, making extra help easier to achieve.
Balance and Depth:
Core Courses and Electives
English, mathematics, language, history, science, and the visual and performing arts have specific requirements for graduation. In choosing advanced courses beyond the required graduation level, it is advantageous to pursue a subject to the highest level possible. A student should attempt, therefore, to extend the study of mathematics through the Sixth Form and to establish the best background in language, history, science, and creative arts as talent and interest permit. Students should ascertain any special requirements of colleges and college programs of their choice.
Promotion and Graduation Requirements
For promotion from one form to the next, a student must have sufficient credits, including those the student expects to earn in the years ahead, to meet graduation requirements. The student must also meet the “Quality Requirement” described below.

For graduation with a diploma, a student must earn a minimum of 18 credits in approved college preparatory courses, including English, 4 credits; mathematics: Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2, 3 credits; U.S. History and one other year of history, 2 credits; two years of Latin or a modern language, 2 credits; two years of science, 2 credits; and visual and performing arts, 1 credit. Each student must also meet the “Quality Requirement” described below.

More typically, a graduate of Westminster has accumulated the following credits: English, 4 credits; mathematics, 4 credits; science, 3 credits; history, 3 credits, including one in U.S. History; Latin or a modern language, 3 or 4 credits; creative arts, 1 credit; and electives, 3 credits.

The “Quality Requirement” for promotion and graduation: In order to earn a diploma as a Sixth Former or promotion as an underformer, a student must pass four major courses each year including English, and earn a general average of 70.0. As a general expectation, all students will carry five courses.

Advanced Placement Courses
All academic departments offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses and examinations. Placement in all Advanced Placement courses requires departmental permission and an average of 85 or above in the course preceding the Advanced Placement level. Students who score successfully on the examination may become eligible for advanced standing in many colleges and universities.  All students enrolled in Advanced Placement courses are required to take the AP examination in that subject area.

Study Abroad
Students may choose to study abroad during their Fifth or Sixth Form years. Westminster students accepted by the prestigious School Year Abroad program, experience yearlong study and travel in China, France, Italy, or Spain. Another option for study abroad is available through the equally prestigious English Speaking Union. Available to Westminster graduates in the year following graduation, the program allows a year of study and travel in the United Kingdom. Advice on these programs is offered through the Academic Office, and admission is gained solely through the programs’ respective application processes.


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