The Visual & Performing Arts


Theater has always been an integral part of the Westminster experience dating back to when the founding Headmaster's son wrote and directed productions each winter before he launched a very successful career as a Broadway producer.
The theater program at Westminster offers students the opportunity to experience all aspects of theatrical performance and production in the theoretical setting of the classroom and the practical arena of our department productions.
Classroom offerings consist of three levels of theatre classes.  All classes in the theatre program are focused on the making of Art.  They are intentionally designed to get students up and on their feet and have them experience the art form.  To learn theatre by doing Theatre. Introduction to Theater is the gateway class to all other courses in the theatre program.  It exposes students to a verity of ideas and disciplines within the art form.  It is open to all students in all forms. Independent Study in Theater is an intensive elective that prepares advanced students to dive deep into a specific area of interest. The topics are many and varied offering students the opportunity to gain depth as well as breadth. 
Each year the Theater program produces two productions in the state of the art Werner Centennial Theater: one dramatic piece spanning the varied genres of Western theater, and a musical production.  During the spring term, student directed one act plays offer students the opportunity to direct a one act play as part of an evening of short plays. Each of these productions offers many opportunities for student involvement and leadership both on stage and backstage.

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