Westminster Teaching Initiative

The WTI was formalized by a group of faculty in 2010 to enhance teaching and learning at Westminster by encouraging collaboration and dialogue about curriculum and pedagogy, and to facilitate the sharing of these ideas throughout the school. Beyond the expected, informal and organic and ongoing interest in enhancing teaching, the WTI formalizes and builds a process for in-depth discussion, research, development and implementation, on a regular basis.
“It was insightful and humbling to spend the day looking at what people are doing in their classrooms, and it revealed the true complexity of teaching and learning.”

Westminster Teaching Symposium

Annually, since 2011, Westminster School faculty have planned and hosted the WTS to widen the circle of sharing and allow teachers from area schools to come together, converse and learn from one another.

Those attending the symposium have an opportunity to attend presentations of their choice, as well as observe Westminster classes, attend chapel, and have lunch with Westminster faculty and students.
“The WTI and the symposium represent a deliberately bottom-up model for professional development, one that relies not on keynote speakers, outside experts, professors of education, educational theorists or even administrative direction, but rather on the wisdom, the experience and the ideas of the true experts, the classroom teachers who are in the trenches every day.”