The Fourth Annual Westminster Teaching Symposium
Hosted by The Westminster Teaching Initiative
The Theory and Practice of Community Engagement
September 26, 2014
The 2014 Symposium welcomes Middlebury professor Jon Isham as the keynote speaker. Isham, the Faculty Director of the Center for Social Entrepreneurship at Middlebury, will speak about his work at the collegiate level in promoting social engagement. During the follow-up presentations, directors of service-learning from local schools will discuss the genesis, development, and role of their programs at their institutions. The Symposium will also offer attendees a chance to interact with Mr. Isham during a presentation session in a more informal manner.
Featured Presenters
Todd Eckerson Director, Westminster Crossroads Learning Program in Hartford;
Civic Engagement and Social Justice courses, Westminster School
Al Freihofer Director, Norton Family Center for the Common Good, Loomis Chaffee School
Jon Isham Director, Center for Social Entrepreneurship, Middlebury College
Amy Neilson Chair of InterMission Term at Miss Porter's School
Sheri Schmidt Director of Equity and Social Justice, The Ethel Walker School
Michael Van Leesten Director of Breakthrough New Haven, Hopkins School
Come explore and engage with fellow educators looking to develop student interest, education, and experience in empathy and social justice. What does the curriculum development look like? What would the outcomes be? How does this curriculum change the student high school experience and what they look to accomplish in college? What opportunities currently exist at the college level?
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Nancy Urner-Berry
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The Westminster Teaching Initiative was formed in 2010 in order enhance teaching and learning at Westminster School by encouraging collaboration and dialog among faculty members and departments about curriculum and pedagogy. The purpose of our symposium is to widen this circle of sharing and allow teachers from area schools to come together, converse, and learn from one another.
This event is free. Click HERE to register.

Schedule Highlights
8:15 Registration opens
8:45 Welcome & Keynote Address
10:00 Session One
10:50 Session Two
11:45 Lunch